No Surprises “Karaoke”

This song, from Radiohead’s classic album OK Computer, is probably the number one song that expresses the way I often feel.  I’m not actually at the skill level of doing a cover of it, instrumentally, so I took the original track, used my audio software to “suppress” the vocals*, and then recorded vocals of my own, double-tracking and doing harmony where indicated, before mixing my own “karaoke” version.

If you ever want to hear what my heart/soul/whatever wishes it could say**, this is it.

And here’s a video, made just with various old scanned pictures of mine and one recently doctored and modified photo of me, made to look vaguely like Thom Yorke’s in the official video of the song.


Thank you.


*I think I lost a lot of the bass and some of the percussion with it, unfortunately.

**I’m not sure why anyone would want to do that, but the song is good, anyway.