Audio Blog 11-15-2021 through 11-20-2021

This is a combined audio blog of my near-daily recordings through the course of this week, starting Monday, skipping Thursday, and finishing today.  I meander around various topics, some more coherent than others, including the pitfalls of social media compared to the legendary beginning of the internet and how it amplifies the already impressive degree of human stupidity.  I talk a lot about chronic pain (physical and psychological) because I have been having a pretty nasty exacerbation of both this week.  I briefly discuss a strange and distressing dream involving my son being lost (or at least missing) in a gigantic otherworldly factory structure inhabited by the xenomorphs from the Alien movies, which could be interpreted as expressing my feelings about not being able to communicate with him at all, and intersperse it all with discussions of disguised and not-so-disguised cries for help.  I don’t have any idea whether anyone will find it interesting to hear, and I can’t in good conscience pretend otherwise, but parts of it, at least, may be interesting.  I hope someone listens to it.