“Well done is half begun.”

Okay, well…I did threaten you all with a post by the end of the week, and as the week is very nearly over, here is that post.  And—as I threatened—I am hereby embedding five original songs that I have up on YouTube, which to be are just begging to be the first half (not necessarily in this order) of a potential album…though it’s possible that listeners may be begging me, “No more!  Please!”

Schrodinger’s Head

This is the song that started me off of lately on my kick of writing, performing, and arranging my songs.  Though it was the most recently REDONE of these songs, it was the first original one that I recorded, mixed, and posted.  However, in its origins, it’s the second most recent of my songs overall, having started as a playful bit of banter at the office.  It’s also the most light-hearted one.  The rest get a bit dark.  No one who knows me will surely be surprised.

Come Back Again

The lyrics to this song (including some mystery, hidden lyrics that are inaudible under the opening “aah”s) are either the oldest or the third oldest, and the basic tune is also pretty much the third oldest of the songs here.  The lyrics, from a poem I wrote in college, are probably older than any of the next or the last song below.  The tune, though, is definitely only third oldest.


This is the oldest full song, in that I made up the lyrics and the tune at the same time, a very long time ago…but I never actually had it written down (well, I wrote the lyrics down when I made them up, but God knows where that paper ended up), I just remembered it.  And I DID change a few of the lyrics before performing, producing, and recording the song, but not many.  The opening and bridge guitar solos, however, are completely new.  This is the second most lighthearted of this handful of songs.  It even contains the line “The world is not so hopeless, is it now?” which doesn’t sound like me at all!  ^_^

“Like and Share”

This is definitely the most recent song, start to finish.  It began life as a response to (and refutation of) a sentiment I perceived at the time:  the idea that everyone in the world had to be the same, that we were all  fundamentally and utterly alike, and so on.  But that didn’t quite ring true as something people were really saying, so it morphed into a song about the dark side of social media.  The final version was triggered (if you’ll pardon the term) by the story of a young lady who was a mid-level Instagram “star” and model who ended up committing suicide over a drop in her “likes”.  I’m sure there was more than these superficial facts to the story—I’m sure she had other things going on in her life besides social media that led to her very sad end.  But social media didn’t help.

Breaking Me Down

This is the second oldest of my songs here, overall, though a portion of the lyrics were changed from their original forms (for the better, I promise…some of the originals were a bit forced and almost laughably awkward).  Like Catechism, this song—words and music—has been rattling around my head since the late eighties or early nineties, and finally saw light of day, so to speak, within the last year.  It went through three or four iterations (of zero?) before I got it into a form with which I was satisfied.  It is, as I like to think of it, a song about depression that you could dance to, if you were so inclined.

These have been the five original songs of mine posted on YouTube, and I’m working (slowly) on some others, but I’d love to receive your feedback in the meantime.

And, finally, I can’t resist putting in a link here (but not embedding the video) to my cover of Something, by the Beatles.  It’s one of my favorite songs, and I’m pretty happy with how my version turned out.  But of course, I do not in any way own this song, and I have no right to make any money off it (and, of course, I am not making any money from it).

Thanks for “watching” and listening!


Just enough of nothing?

Okay…well, I said that I was going to start writing something (anything) on Sunday, and that I would then try to go ahead with it every week, whether I had anything specific in mind about which to write or not, much as I do on my other, “main” blog.  Well, it’s not Sunday‒it’s Tuesday‒but that’s not too far off, I guess.  And, of course, as planned, I don’t really have anything planned, though that may seem paradoxical.

I mean to try to avoid writing about that subject that’s so dominating the news and social media of late.  Not that there’s nothing worth saying about it; I have dealt with it in the past, and could probably say more that I think would be at least somewhat useful.  But, unfortunately, there’s too much being said about it already, everywhere, and much of that is redundant, and some of it is counterproductive, and a lot of it, even from “high” level sources, is mind-numbingly idiotic.  I suppose I shouldn’t let that surprise me, but it is occasionally maddening…and I’m never too far from madness as it is.

With that in mind, I don’t honestly know what I’m going to write about‒other than what I’ve written so far‒but that’s okay.  This is “Iterations of Zero” after all, so much ado about nothing is well within my purview here.  I’m trying to do at least a bit of self-improvement in this and in other things, which shouldn’t be that hard when you have a starting point like mine.

I don’t really have a target length for this post, though I tend to set a goal of around eight-hundred words or so for each of my “main” blog entries.  I think setting myself too high a standard here‒or too low of one, for that matter‒may get in my way sometimes.  It’s something like “letting the perfect be the enemy of the good,” a saying I first heard well into my adulthood, though it’s one that could have helped me avoid much anxiety, self-doubt, self-hatred, and so on throughout earlier life.  It may be too late for me fully to internalize it, but I’m trying to get it into my flesh if not my bones.

I can make this a blog about nothing, in the spirit of Seinfeld, though less funny and less entertaining.  At some point I may here, as I may on my “main” blog, put up a post containing links to my music “videos”.  I doubt that I’ll post the “videos” of my audio recordings of my stories.  Those really belong on my main blog, which is intended to be centered on my fiction.  But there really is no specific subject or target or focus here, so anything goes, potentially.  I’ll do my best at least to make it worth the reader’s time.

Of course, fitting this into my work schedule will continue to be tricky.  I don’t want to lose any time working on my books and other stories; they have to continue to be my number one priority, especially now that all other priorities have absented themselves from my life whether or not I wished it so; without my writing I literally have no good reason for doing anything at all.

But habits can be useful, at least, and if I keep this blog up as a habit, whether or not I have anything to say, at least I’ll end up getting some of my ideas out into the world, however slipshod or erratic the format might be.  Who knows, perhaps I’ll warm up to it and turn this into something more than the simple venting of my random thoughts.  Time will tell, I guess.

With that, I think I’ve written enough for this to be a worthwhile re-opening blog post.  We’ll see how everything goes from now on.  To those who read, and who will read, and who continue to read, I can only say, “Thank you.”  And, if you ever find something I say worth sharing, by all means, do share it.  And feel free to comment.

Four Witchet Stands?

Here are just some quick, random thoughts I had last week about the flag, the pledge, the national anthem, and treating the pandemic as an alien invasion…not necessarily in that order.