“Like and Share”

© 2020 by Robert Elessar All rights reserved
Words and music by Robert Elessar
Performed by Robert Elessar
Produced by Robert Elessar


Can you be what I can be?
Could you be as cool as me?
Commonness is misery.
Like and Share if you agree.

Do you think you’re special, too?
Am I as unique as you?
Every other point of view
Seems to be the same.  Could that be true?

Look at all my pretty pictures.
Don’t you wish that you were me?
You don’t know the half of it.
You don’t know what you can’t see.

Do you believe what you can see?
Pictures of a life so free,
Edited for quality,
Empty of reality.

You can’t feel what you don’t know;
You see only what I show.
Just that superficial glow,
Not the darkness that lies below.

Look how perfect my world must seem.
Don’t you wish that this was you?
Don’t you wish your life was so fine?
God know, God knows, God knows
I do too.

You can’t like what you can’t see.
You can’t see the actual me.
This is all illusory,
Even if you don’t agree.

Do I see what you can see?
Are you dead inside like me?
Every flaw is agony.
Like and Share
Like and Share
Like and Share
If you agree.

Breaking Me Down (a song)

Words and music by Robert Elessar

(c) 2019 by Robert Elessar

All rights reserved

Performed by Robert Elessar


Okay, here it is, my new song, on which I’ve been working for some time now.  Technically, I’ve been working on it for thirty plus years (not without interruptions) since I first composed the melody and most of the words back when I was in college.  I never did anything with it until now, but obviously I hadn’t forgotten in, since this all came out of my memory – I haven’t seen the original words since I graduated from college, and I never wrote the music down.

I hope you enjoy it.  I think I’m getting a little bit better at the mixing and whatnot.