Knives Out “karaoke” and “duet”

A while back, I came upon a recording or video someone had posted of the whole instrumental track of the Radiohead song, Knives Outwith everything except vocals.  I was very impressed, and I’d recently bought a copy of the sound-editing program n-Track Studio, so I decided to record a kind of karaoke version of the song with double-tracked vocals by me*.  I’ve never posted it before – I can’t recall where I found the backing track, and I wanted to give the person credit (if anyone out there can help me, I’d appreciate it).  But finally, for reasons that will become clearer, I decided to share it now.  Here is that version:

Then, I think it was a week or two ago, I decided to try something, to kind of live out a virtual fantasy of sorts.  I got the audio of the original Radiohead version of the song, and then, this time using Audacity, I wanted to see if I could combine the two versions without much trouble.

To the credit of the original instrumentalist, I only had to change his tempo less than 1% to match the original song, and didn’t need to change the pitch at all.  It was really impressive (though I did have to clip out his guitar solo and leave the original Radiohead interlude, since he jammed a tiny bit longer than they did on the track).

And here it is, my virtual “duet” with Thom Yorke.  I hope you like it:

*It didn’t hurt that I think this song is both deceptively beautiful and rather dark and troubling in its lyrics.