Pigs on the Wing Part 1(bad cover)

This is me, playing with recording from a cheap guitar and a practice amp onto a cell phone, then adding and messing with the vocal track using my cell phone and free sound editing software, doing one of my favorite ever Pink Floyd songs, Pigs on the Wing (part 1).  I wouldn’t really consider this recording even a final version of itself, but I thought I’d put it out there.  It’s probably foolish of me to let anyone hear it, but…well, I can’t resist.

I’m a glutton for punishment.

Obviously, words and music are by (the great) Roger Waters.  I’m making no money off this and am just playing around.

What a wonderful world?

The following is a parody of the song “What a Wonderful World,” most famously performed by Louis Armstrong, written by George Weiss and Robert Thiele


I see fields of brown and skies of grey

The cold, bitter night and the dark, rainy day


And I think to myself, “What a wonderful world?”


I see trash on the ground and trash in the sea,

Trash that’s been thrown there by you and me.


And I think to myself, “What a wonderful world?”


The odors of the planet are so putrid all around,

There’s poison in the air and there’s poison in the ground.

I see strangers who shrug.  They say, “What can you do?”

They’re really saying, “I hate you.”


I feel pain in my back, in my legs, arms, and head.

I find myself thinking, “I can’t wait to be dead.”


And I think to myself, “What a wonderful world?”

And I stink to myself.

What a wonderful world.

Schrödinger’s Head

Schrödinger’s Head”

To be performed by: What’s in the Box?

Lyrics by Robert Elessar

Music to be written by Robert Elessar

Is the cat alive or dead?
Is the stop light green or red?
Is he awake or still in bed?
Is he hungry or well-fed?

I don’t know
What’s going on
In Schrödinger's head.

Is he in charge or is he led?
Is he below or overhead?
Did you take in a word he said?
You can go from A to Zed

And you won’t know
What’s going on
In Schrödinger's head.

Everything’s divided,
And everything is one.
Your view is so one-sided
But well-done is half begun.

Are you undecided
on what's already done?
The way ahead is lighted
by the blocking of the sun.

Did he charge or has he fled?
Excited now or filled with dread?
Is he behind or far ahead?
We want to know, and yet, instead

We don’t know
You don’t know
I don’t know
What’s going on
In Schrödinger's head.