First IOZ Blog Post

This is the inaugural post of my new, “secondary,” blog, “Iterations of Zero,” in which I’ll be posting thoughts, essays, articles, musings, and other related synonyms on areas of philosophy, politics, justice, science, and the like.  These haven’t seemed very popular on my main blog:  I suppose that’s not too terribly surprising.  My main blog has evolved to be mainly focused on writing, publishing, the creative process, and some occasional personal events.  People who are interested in the process of creative writing and publishing, or in the demented thought process of a writer, may not be too chuffed to come upon articles decrying the many horrors and stupidities of our criminal justice system, or the systematic failures of our education systems, or the flawed reasoning that pervades a frustrating proportion of our society.  Nevertheless, I have much to say on many matters not directly related to creative writing, and I also want to share posts I have already written in a venue that may connect them to more interested readers. Continue reading “First IOZ Blog Post”